Stuff I Like

Now that I spend about 90 minutes on the train each day I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts during my commute. My favorite, by far, is the Evil Genius Chronicles. Good stories, excellent music, and great attitude, Dave rocks! If anybody actually reads this page they should go there, listen to a few podcasts, and buy the stuff package.

My Powerbook. After a couple of decades of using Windows and Linux laptops I switched about six months ago. I was never emotionally attached to my Windows boxen. I like Linux on the server side (love Debian after years of running Redhat based servers) but desktop Linux was nicely divided between love and hate. Loved the freedom, didn’t love so much the constant tweaking required to get multi-media and power management stuff working, and reworking after each distro upgrade. I love my Mac. It’s fast, beautiful, and just works.

Drupal. After developing sites using the proprietary Caucus platform for, um, 15 years, and then spending a couple with Plone, I’m really liking Drupal as a base for web apps. Plone was fun for awhile but the weight of the framework has gotten to be too much for the projects I build. Drupal has been a refreshing change.