Holiday Shopping Almost Done

December 22nd and most of my shopping is done. I hate doing this stuff at the last minute but I do it every year so I must not hate it enough.

I had an interesting experience last night while shopping. Early in the evening I received an TXT message from my one of my monitoring sites indicating that our production server was down. After having great experiences with Debian servers over the last couple of years this box had experienced some heartburn from a recent kernel update and I figured the burn might have returned. I was not notified of the site being down again (the monitoring script runs every 15 mins) so, after 20 minutes, I figured I was in good shape or my monitoring script — recently rewritten — was broken. Ugh. As luck would have it there’s an Apple Store in the mall. I went in, found a row of lonely looking iPod Touches, grabbed one, and called up our site. The Touch was already connected to the store’s Wi-Fi and our front page popped up in just a few seconds. I loaded a few other pages on the site to make sure everything was hunky-dory, made sure to leave PK’s website set as the home page for that Touch, and continued on my way. Thanks the the Apple Store I was able to get some network monitoring and guerrilla marketing in as well as shopping.