April 9th, Evening

Some wins and losses this evening. On the losing side was my last SANS class. I’ve been taking their SANS+S course for preparation to take the CISSP exam. This particular class is taught on-line using a Java-based classroom product called Elluminate. It’s always taken a bit of work to start it up on my PowerBook and I generally expect to have to kill and restart it a few times before it gets a good connection back to the mothership. Tonight was worse than usual, requiring a reboot — thankfully fast on a Mac — and hunting down and deleting old Java Webstart cache files. By the time I got it sorted and got into my class it was already 30 minutes in and too late to get into the flow. I had a lot I wanted to get done this evening anyway so I bagged the class; I can listen to a recording later and get caught up. I’m in no wild hurry to get my CISSP so will be spending a couple months studying up and take the test this summer. I already hold a current SANS GSEC cert and the subject matter isn’t wildly different.

On the win side I think we’ve finally gotten Chris’ blog moved from MediaTemple to a dedicated server. It’s a largish site that, was getting killed by performance problems with the (mt) GridServer system. I think the full site “rebuild” is just about done so he should be back in business in no time. I hope it finishes soon, I’m tired and want to sleep.

The gs sounds good in theory, but in practice it’s been a disappointment and I think needs another six months of testing and tweaks before it’ll be ready for prime time. I won’t be around then, I’m going to be moving this site back to my trusty Linode as soon as I get the time.