Move to Jekyll/Octopress

I’ve spent the last several days converting this site from Drupal to Octopress. I’ve done this for several reasons:

  1. The old site was running on Drupal 5 and I wasn’t looking forward to having to upgrade it to Drupal 6, then Drupal 7, just to keep it current.
  2. Since the frequency of posting aren’t exactly high there’s no need to keep maintaining a database server and Drupal install to keep it going. Drupal is overkill for what we use this site for.
  3. I’m intrigued by the site building methods described in this post by Dave Cole of Development Seed. Deploying static files and moving more of a site’s assembly to the browser itself using best-of-breed web services seems like a great way to weave a site into the fabric of the web itself.

I’m sure I’ll run into others as I go along. I also have a lot more fun working in languages other than PHP. Both Python, Ruby, and Javascript feel much more concise and expressive.

I choose to use Octopress for this first site because it seems to be the fastest way to get started with Jekyll. I have a couple of other sites that I will also convert, but will start with Jekyll itself as they have existing themes that I want to keep. I also hope to move these sites over to Github Pages hosting so I can take advantage of deploying via git.