Checking Out Docker

I’ve removed most of the software installed by Homebrew on my Mac and am going to give Docker a try for things like hosting databases and software development environments. One of these days I hope to jettison my server and use container environments to host sites.

Rapid Spring

Here’s some pictures from the garden in front of our house.

I don’t think they are going to last very long. It’s gone from winter to summer in about a week here in DC … snow on the ground two weeks ago and it’s supposed to get close to 90F here later today!

Fix ssh-agent after installing Apple’s 2008-005 security update

After installing Apple’s 2008-005 security update on my Leopard machines I found that ssh-agent was no longer being started on system boot. I use ssh with key-based authentication for lots of things and not having it automatically loaded and communicating with my keychain was a real pain. After monkeying around with lots of ways to get it going again I found the following command, entered in a terminal and followed by a reboot, did the trick:

sudo launchctl load -w /System/Library/LaunchAgents/org.openbsd.ssh-agent.plist

On OS X all roads lead to launchd.

Hmm, this place is dead…

Okay, so I’ve not been good at keeping up here. I do plan on writing up more stuff soon, though. I’ve been studying for my GIAC GSEC re-cert and have come across a few ideas for things to research and write about after I take the test.

Holiday Shopping Almost Done

December 22nd and most of my shopping is done. I hate doing this stuff at the last minute but I do it every year so I must not hate it enough.

I had an interesting experience last night while shopping. Early in the evening I received an TXT message from my one of my monitoring sites indicating that our production server was down. After having great experiences with Debian servers over the last couple of years this box had experienced some heartburn from a recent kernel update and I figured the burn might have returned. I was not notified of the site being down again (the monitoring script runs every 15 mins) so, after 20 minutes, I figured I was in good shape or my monitoring script — recently rewritten — was broken. Ugh. As luck would have it there’s an Apple Store in the mall. I went in, found a row of lonely looking iPod Touches, grabbed one, and called up our site. The Touch was already connected to the store’s Wi-Fi and our front page popped up in just a few seconds. I loaded a few other pages on the site to make sure everything was hunky-dory, made sure to leave PK’s website set as the home page for that Touch, and continued on my way. Thanks the the Apple Store I was able to get some network monitoring and guerrilla marketing in as well as shopping.

Ahh, Back…

And newly moved from my old MediaTemple GS back to my trusty Linode. I like the Linode much better. Now to get to work on a theme for this site so these bi-annual posts will look nicer.

Summer language studies in Arlington

Arlington County Public Schools will offer beginning Arabic and Chinese language courses this summer. We could have more Arabic speakers in our high school next year than the either the US Dept of State or the FBI.

April 9th, Evening

Some wins and losses this evening. On the losing side was my last SANS class. I’ve been taking their SANS+S course for preparation to take the CISSP exam. This particular class is taught on-line using a Java-based classroom product called Elluminate. It’s always taken a bit of work to start it up on my PowerBook and I generally expect to have to kill and restart it a few times before it gets a good connection back to the mothership. Tonight was worse than usual, requiring a reboot — thankfully fast on a Mac — and hunting down and deleting old Java Webstart cache files. By the time I got it sorted and got into my class it was already 30 minutes in and too late to get into the flow. I had a lot I wanted to get done this evening anyway so I bagged the class; I can listen to a recording later and get caught up. I’m in no wild hurry to get my CISSP so will be spending a couple months studying up and take the test this summer. I already hold a current SANS GSEC cert and the subject matter isn’t wildly different.

On the win side I think we’ve finally gotten Chris’ blog moved from MediaTemple to a dedicated server. It’s a largish site that, was getting killed by performance problems with the (mt) GridServer system. I think the full site “rebuild” is just about done so he should be back in business in no time. I hope it finishes soon, I’m tired and want to sleep.

The gs sounds good in theory, but in practice it’s been a disappointment and I think needs another six months of testing and tweaks before it’ll be ready for prime time. I won’t be around then, I’m going to be moving this site back to my trusty Linode as soon as I get the time.

The Collectors of Hip

Hope just sent me a link to the LOC’s Full National Recording Registry of the National Recording Preservation Board. I think the contents are as hip as one can get and I’m going to see how many of these I can find on Rhapsody and build a few choice playlists.